Donations are always welcomed, and our very much appreciated.  To make a donation to CASA of Laramie County, please stop by our office or mail us your donation.  Please make sure to ask for a tax letter if needed.

Amazon Smile
You can also use Amazon Smile ( when making a purchase on, and select CASA of Laramie County.  We will receive a portion of your purchase to benefit our organization.

If you like giving gift cards to friends and family members, please consider using SCRIPS.  Through SCRIPS you can select an organization such as CASA, and we will receive a percentage from your gift card purchases.  Please contact the CASA office for more information on SCRIPS.

Gift Cards
Gift Cards are also a welcome donation.  We give gift cards to the children and family if a need arises, such as if the child needs new clothes or shoes, or school supplies.

Auction Items
We also would happily accept donations of items that could be used in auctions for our To Be a Kid Again Event in early November.  These items could be in the forms of gift baskets, artwork, tickets to games/events, or trips.

Use your Paypal account to donate.   

Your donations to CASA, are really donations for the children.

Holly's Pillows

Holly's Pillows is an initiative to give every child in foster care their very own pillow, blanket, and pillow case that they can take with them from place to place.

Often times children are placed into foster care and are only able to bring a few of their belongings with.  Because of this they must use whatever the foster family has to provide which could be a pillow that has already been used several times by other foster kids.  Holly's Pillows is a way to give these kids something new that is theirs and only theirs.

You can help by donating a set(s) of matching pillows, blankets, and pillow cases to CASA of Laramie County, and our advocates will bring them to the children.  Please visit Holly's Pillows facebook page, or call the CASA office for more information.

We have currently been able to provide more than 100 children with pillows and blankets.  Thank you to everyone who has donated for this cause.