"Lift Up a Child's Voice" 

Save the Date-November 13th-CASA's To Be a Kid Again event

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The white planter has a pinwheel for every child that is represented by a CASA advocate (96).  The red planter shows how many children are still in need of a CASA advocate (48)

We all need to work together to prevent child abuse from happening
but until we can stop child abuse altogether, please support CASA as we strive to assist the children who have been abused or neglected, and give them a voice!

Welcome CASA supporters and volunteers!

CASA of Laramie County is a non-profit organization that trains community volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in the juvenile court system.

Our Mission

The mission of CASA of Laramie County is to provide a court-appointed voice for abused and neglected children-protecting their fundamental right to be safe, treated with dignity, and the opportunity to grow in a safe environment.

Our Story

CASA began in Laramie County in August 2002 and has been serving children since July of 2003. Since CASA began in Laramie County, almost one-fourth of the abused and neglected children who have been through the court process are being served by a CASA volunteer. Currently, more than three-fourths of the children are being served.

CASA events

CASA of Laramie County is a member in good standing with the National CASA Association. CASA of Laramie County is sponsored by the Division of Victims Services and United Way.

Holly's Pillows

Holly's Pillows is an initiative to give every child in foster care their very own pillow, blanket, and pillow case that they can take with them from place to place.

Often times children are placed into foster care and are only able to bring a few of their belongings with.  Because of this they must use whatever the foster family has to provide which could be a pillow that has already been used several times by other foster kids.  Holly's Pillows is a way to give these kids something new that is theirs and only theirs.

You can help by donating a set(s) of matching pillows, blankets, and pillow cases to CASA of Laramie County, and our advocates will bring them to the children.  Please visit Holly's Pillows facebook page, or call the CASA office for more information.

We have currently been able to provide 51 children with pillows and blankets.  Thank you to everyone who has donated for this cause.

"To give a child a CASA is to give
them a voice. To give them a voice
is to give them hope, and to give
them hope is to give them the world.
I believe that with all my heart."

     - Pamela Butler, a teenager